Nomads (or The Blue Camel)

Author: Carles Batlle

In a series of crossing stories, Nomads fuses the traditional forms of the theatre of North Africa with the polyphonic proposals of European contemporary theatre.

In 1939, the Republican fleet reached the city of Bizerte, in the north of Tunisia. The crew were interned in a concentration camp close to the desert. One officer, obsessed with keeping his sea bag full of books, will do everything possible to escape. In 2015, some migrants from sub-Saharan Africa have become trapped at the gateway to Chott-el-Jerid on their long journey towards the Mediterranean. As they talk and recount their long adventure, we will discover their rivalries and their fears. In 2012, two young Catalans, Pol and Aina, travel to Tunisia. Aina knows that her grandfather, an officer, was imprisoned in Africa after the Civil War. What she doesn’t know is that it was in Tunisia… At the entrance to the Chott, Pol and Aina meet the actor who played the role of Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films. Luke enters the Chott and nobody stops him: this is the place where he was happy, where the first of the films in the saga was shot. He wants to re-encounter the lost paradise of the planet Tatooine. Aina will follow him.


Spanish Nómadas (o El camello azul) Carles Batlle
German Nomaden (Order Das Blaue Kamel) Thomas Sauerteig

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