Xavi Morató

Xavi Morató

A graduate in Audiovisual Communication from the UPF with studies in Directing and Dramaturgy at the Institut del Teatre.

Winner of the El Born Theatre Award for Un peu gegant els aixafa a tots, of the Ciutat de Manacor Prize for Boom Boom Boom (Selecció Natural) and of the Les Talúries Award for Axaxaxas Mlö (a play also selected for the Cimientos programme at the IATI Theater of New York).

He is founder, with Gerard Sesé, of the company Generació DM, with which he created the musicals Generació de merda, El futbol és així (de gai) and Pinta’m. He has also often worked under commissions, for companies such as The Feliuettes and Els Pirates Teatre, among others.

He has premiered plays at theatres in Barcelona such as the Poliorama, the Gaudí, the Versus, the Maldà or the Almeria. His plays have also been performed in Madrid, and in countries such as Italy, Mexico, the United States, Costa Rica and Peru.

In addition to being a playwright and director, he has been a scriptwriter for the satirical magazine El Jueves since 2006.


Xavi Morató Primavera Italian Primavera Annamaria Martinolli
Xavi Morató Primavera Spanish Primavera Xavi Morató
Xavi Morató Axaxaxas Mlö Spanish Axaxaxas Mlö Xavi Morató
Xavi Morató Selección natural Italian Selezione naturale Annamaria Martinolli
Xavi Morató Selección natural Spanish Selecció Natural Xavi Morató
Xavi Morató Un peu gegant els aixafa a tots Basque Oin erraldoi batek denak zapaltzen ditu Karmele Arkupe
Xavi Morató Un peu gegant els aixafa a tots Galician Un pé xigante esmagáos a todos Afonso Becerra de Becerreá
Xavi Morató Un peu gegant els aixafa a tots Spanish Un pie gigante los aplasta todos Xavi Morató

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