Amor, prozac y dubtes

Amor, prozac y dubtes

Author: Lluis Hansen

A free adaptation of the novel by Lucía Extebarría entitled Amor, curiosidad, Prozac y dudas. It is the story of three sisters and the relations between them: the eldest, a rich married woman who has a young child she does not love and lives concerned about the neatness of the house where they live. She feels alone and unhappy. The second, an aggressive executive who lives by herself, does not dare to express her feelings and hides behind her professional responsibilities to avoid questioning aspects of her life. Finally, the third, a brilliant student, is permanently unsatisfied and seeks to fill the emptiness she feels in a nocturnal existence of drugs and sex. But when the elder sister goes into hospital a crack will open in their relations and each of them will face their failings to try to reorientate their lives.


Spanish Amor, prozac y dudas Lluis Hansen

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