Berta is pregnant by Manel, her boyfriend, but she still hasn’t dared to tell him. And the thing is she doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t know anything really, not even whether her boyfriend really loves her.
Sílvia, her flatmate, offers her the solution: ‘burundanga’, the truth drug, a substance that makes whoever takes it lose all their willpower, a drug that causes the most authentic sincerity.
If she administers the drug to Manel, she will be able to find out the truth about everything she desires. And Berta goes ahead and does it: she gives her boyfriend the drug and discovers a very unexpected truth: her boyfriend belongs to the terrorist group ETA.


Hungarian Burundanga Dora Bakucz
Greek Burundanga Yiannis Mantás
Spanish Burundanga Jordi Galceran
Bulgarian Бурунданга Neva Mícheva/Нева Мичева

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