Castigats (2000)

Author: Juli Disla

Tana, Tina y Tino are three children who one day are punished by their parents: Tana because she is always getting dirty; Tina because she wants to look at and smell everything, and Tino because he never likes any of the food prepared for him. They are locked in the punishment room. Suddenly Tirant Trumpet appears, a kind of bogey-man who presents them with their respective punishments: for Tina, Moltsulls and Mirona, who never stop staring; for Tana, Super-taca and Super-cagalló, the dirtiest things anyone could imagine; and for Tino, Furga, thin as a rake through not eating, and Miss Boca, who feeds off air. Despite all this, the monsters do not manage to correct the children, and their parents forgive them without anything having changed.


Spanish Castigados Juli Disla

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