El somni de Bagdad

A play for a young audience but which has also been produced for a more general, family or adult audience. In the style of certain American films of the 1940s, it is an adventure story set in an entirely fictitious Arabia, made of papier mâché. Stuart, the hero, a young mixed-race English soldier, travels to the city of Baghdad on a secret mission entrusted to him by his government, at an uncertain point in time, perhaps in the late 19th century. The struggle for control of oil produces alliances and betrayals between the Sultan, the rebels opposed to his tyranny and the British themselves. Stuart will rediscover his origins and throw in his lot with the oppressed, of course, while moving from a fight to a flight, from a battle to a persecution, from the royal harem to the dismal basements of the palace or the luminous desert dunes. And his heart will be torn between two loves, for Princess Aixa and for the rebel Zulema, between betrayal of the former and mistrust of the latter. There is a provisionally happy ending, just as the genre demands. But, in fact, the ending is open. Our hero, beyond the actual end of the play, must continue participating, once having changed sides, in a struggle without respite and which does not foresee any definitive end.


French La reve Bagdad Claude Murcia

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