F/M (devil is alive and well)

At night, at the station. Midnight is approaching. F is on the platform. Very close to the tracks. This is the dangerous moment. Nobody hear her. Then M appears in front of F. A second earlier he was not there. M offers F a deal, then, disappears. Literally. F closes her eyes, only for a second. When she opens them again, M is no longer there. Everything seems to be the same. As always. As always? Are you sure?

F could be Faust. M could be Mephistopheles. But they could also be any young people. It could be you. And what would you do to achieve what you most desire? Do you know what you really desire? Freedom, drugs, rock’n’roll? Guys? Girls? Love? Success? To disappear?


French F/M (devil is alive and well) Laurent Gallardo

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