Fascination (Latin) 1. f. Delusion or hallucination. 2. f. Irresistible attraction.

They work all day long. A stressful, committed, misunderstood job. But three nights a week they meet there and dance. Cha-cha-cha. Rumba. Waltz. Dance classes for all. Paid for by the company. Pasodoble. Bolero. Salsa. Because the company loves them. The company is like a big family. And families will do anything to stay united. Fox-trot. Tango. Nothing can alter the family harmony. Swing. Nothing. One, two, three, Mambo.


French Fascination Clarice Plasteig
Greek Fascination Μαρία Χατζηεμμανουήλ
Spanish Fascinación Helena Tornero

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