La caja Pilcik (2010)

Author: Carlos Be

Serantes Theatre Prize 2009


“Petr Petlan says: ‘Everything is double. False or true. And a long time ago my life took a turn towards the truthful. The false continues to exist, of course, just as the shadow needs the sun to exist. Without an outline there is no profile. Good… and evil. Indissoluble concepts.’ And also, on two occasions, he declares: ‘I am happy.’ And later, when he discovers his invention, Petr proposes: “The box is, in reality, a box. A very normal box,’ and he puts it in the mouth of Inspector Sperl: “That is where all its monstrosity lies. In its normality.’ ” (José Henríquez, Un teatro de la sombra)


Spanish La caja Pilcik Carlos Be
Slovak Prípad Pilčík Katarína Zubácka

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