La gent

Author: Juli Disla


I have received an email informing me of a meeting. The collective I am a member of has invited me to attend. I note down the date, the time and the address. I’ve decided that I don’t want to go. Our getting together again won’t serve any useful purpose. I don’t think we will solve anything. Hardly anybody will go. It will be a waste of time.
Or maybe this time it will be different. I will go after all. Perhaps something will get solved. I think about what to say at the meeting. I will speak in a positive way and try to get the other people attending enthusiastic about finding a sound solution to all the things that concern us.
People want to do things, want to make themselves heard, want to organise themselves. People express themselves, they complain, they participate. People think about people.!


Spanish La gente Juli Disla

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