La marca preferida de las hermanas Clausman (2010)

The 1990s. The Berlin Wall has come down. Azúcar Moreno take fifth place at Eurovision. A small town in southern Catalonia is home to Sara and Valentina, the teenage daughters of political exiles. Outside, a happy, provincial place with its designer brand fashion… Inside, a chaotic dining room, a small fictional space where the sisters play at acting out their parent’s life stories. A space where they play and also where they survive. In the background, a door that leads to their mother’s room nearly always stays closed.

Note: This play forms part of a larger work on the fragile nature of the memory (how to narrate an abysmal event: exile and the last Argentinean dictatorship). Besides this text, also forming part of the work are El meu avi no va anar a Cuba (els meus pares sí) (2008) and the text for radio La memòria d’una Ludisia (2008).


Spanish La marca preferida de las hermanas Clausman Victoria Szpunberg

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