Si no t’hagués conegut (2017)

Author: Sergi Belbel

Are our lives predetermined by fate? Or are we the ones who, with the decisions that we take, ultimately define the path taken by events?

Eduardo, a businessman who is very much in love with his wife Elisa, involuntarily causes a tragedy. Óscar and Clara, his best friends, unsuccessfully attempt to help him. To overcome his trauma, Eduardo introduces himself into a labyrinth of confused and chaotic thoughts and manages to travel backwards in time. His aim is to find Elisa alive and try, by whatever means, to avoid meeting her, in order to thus erase the tragedy of his future traumatic loss.


Greek Αν δεν σε είχα γνωρίσει Maria Chatziemmanouil
Spanish Si no te hubiera conocido Sergi Belbel

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