Tovalloles de platja

In Tovalloles de platja, a short play, we have three friends, a young woman and two young men, who on finishing their university course go off to enjoy a day at the beach. Friendship, attraction and love rivalry are revealed to us through little situations that, in fact, mix different moments in time. Present and future are merged and remind us, in a melancholy way, that the passage of time will take them down paths inevitably different from those that today (but what today?) they envisage.
Whatever happens, a radiant summer will always remain that is lived in the present or remembered from the future, we don’t know, that exists or will have existed…  but only until the day that the friends disappear, just as beach towels carried by the wind also disappear in the end.


French Serviettes de plage André Delmas
Spanish Toallas de playa Josep Maria Benet i Jornet

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