Un verdadero cowboy

Following the loss of his wife, an elderly man, overwhelmed by his sadness and his incapacity to fend for himself in small everyday tasks, finds himself trapped in a life that for him has lost any meaning. Little by little we see him degenerate as he remains speechless and absent against the television screen that spits out empty images at him. But at the same time that, on the outside, he is gradually fading away, inside a flame lights that guides him in his final voyage, thanks to an imaginary John Wayne who, with his serene and paternal disposition, will not only alleviate his suffering, but will also accompany him, between games and camaraderie, in his journey through the arid desert of death.


Greek Ενασ αληθινοσ καουμπόι Maria Chatziemmanouil
Portuguese Um verdadeiro cowboy Marilia Samper
Spanish Un verdadero cowboy Marilia Samper

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