On the television Juli saw a girl advertising strawberry yoghurts. One night he dreams about her (inside a strawberry yoghurt). But the entire world that he has imagined caves in when the girl, Vainilla, like a voice of conscience, confesses that she could never fall in love with someone as mediocre as him.

A few floors away, the Wizard has decided to make his assistant Flora disappear. When the Wizard ends up trapped by his own trick, he touches down in a new reality. A place where time and space do not exist. Here he will meet Aïna, and an actor who, convinced that he is on the stage of the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, has appeared in this void.

Like invisible threads, the lives of all the characters are woven together in a series of coincidences. “Ushuaia” responds to each character’s journey to the end of the world, condemning them to the void forever.


Spanish Ushuaia Marc Artigau

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