Àngels Aymar

Àngels Aymar

Actress, playwright and stage director. She has written over thirty plays awarded, performed, translated and published in several languages. In 2019 she won the Andreu Solsona Prize for Aquestes Meves Veus. That same year she premiered in Italy Avvelenate (Enverinades, Teatre Versus Glòries 2018) and Magnolia Cafè. As a playwright and director, she has premiered at the Festival Grec of Barcelona, in Netherlands and in South Korea the show 100FEMMES; in New York, Hearts Beating Like Drums at the Wild Project Theatre and Solavaya at the Prelude Festival and at Teatro Repertorio Español. She is the first female Catalan playwright to be invited to participate in the Pen World Voices Festival NY-2008 with Out of the Blue. Resident author at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya from 2006 to 2009, with Trueta and La Indiana. In 1992 the Catalan Government awarded her a grant for a residency with the company The Wilma Theater in Philadelphia (USA).


Àngels Aymar Dualitats Italian Dualità Francis Michel Pardeilhan
Àngels Aymar Dualitats Spanish Dualidades Àngels Aymar
Àngels Aymar El venedor i la clienta French Le vendeur et la cliente Bernadette Tennstedt
Àngels Aymar El venedor i la clienta Spanish El vendedor y la clienta Àngels Aymar
Àngels Aymar Enverinades Italian Avvelenate Laura Fatini
Àngels Aymar Enverinades Spanish Envenenadas Àngels Aymar
Àngels Aymar Esquerdes Romanian Crapaturi Virgie Ani
Àngels Aymar Esquerdes Spanish Grietas Lucía Sánchez
Àngels Aymar Esquerdes English Rifts Marion Peter Holt
Àngels Aymar Fleurs French Fleurs Dorothée Suarez
Àngels Aymar Fleurs Spanish Fleurs Àngels Aymar
Àngels Aymar Fleurs English Out of the blue Marion Peter Holt
Àngels Aymar L'home quiet Italian Uomo Fermo Francis Michel Pardeilhan
Àngels Aymar La furgoneta French La camionnette Angeles Muñoz
Àngels Aymar La furgoneta Spanish La furgoneta Carlos Tejedor
Àngels Aymar La indiana Spanish La indiana Carlos Tejedor
Àngels Aymar Les falenes French Les phalènes André Delmas
Àngels Aymar Les falenes Spanish Las falenas Carlos Tejedor
Àngels Aymar Magnòlia Cafè Italian Magnolia cafe' Laura Fatini
Àngels Aymar Magnòlia Cafè Spanish Magnólia café Àngels Aymar
Àngels Aymar Magnòlia Cafè English Magnolia café Marion Peter Holt
Àngels Aymar Petites comèdies de l'eau French Petites comèdies de l'eau Adeline Flaun
Àngels Aymar Petites comèdies de l'eau Spanish Pequeñas comedias del agua Àngels Aymar
Àngels Aymar Solavaya French Solavaya Dorothée Suarez
Àngels Aymar Solavaya Spanish Solavaya Àngels Aymar
Àngels Aymar Solavaya English Solavaya Caridad Svich
Àngels Aymar Textos breus Spanish Textos breves Àngels Aymar
Àngels Aymar Totes som illes Spanish Todas somos islas Àngels Aymar
Àngels Aymar Tres homes esperen French Trois hommes attendent André Delmas
Àngels Aymar Tres homes esperen Spanish Tres hombres esperan Carlos Tejedor
Àngels Aymar Tres homes esperen German Drei Männer warten Katharina Boewig
Àngels Aymar Tres homes esperen Arabic ثلاثة رجال ينتظرون Farouk Charaibi
Àngels Aymar Trueta English Trueta Montserrat Roser

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