Toni Cabré

Toni Cabré

Playwright, engineer and scriptwriter. Among his plays for theatre that have been awarded, published and premiered, highlights include Estrips, about gender violence; Històries d’amor, about scheming in the business world; Viatge a Califòrnia, about corruption; Navegants, about sentimental relations via the Internet; Teoria de catàstrofes, about the responsibility of technical personnel in accidents; Iglú, about forced pre-retirements; Demà coneixeràs en Klein, about mobbingLes verges virtuals, about fundamentalism; Lletra petita, about identity; Silencis, about fraud by the powers that be and their accomplices and La peixera, about the labour jungle. He has collaborated on various television series and has written the adaptation of the novel Olor de Colònia.


Toni Cabré Demà coneixeràs en Klein Spanish Mañana conocerás a Klein Toni Cabré
Toni Cabré Demà coneixeràs en Klein English Tomorrow, You’ll Meet Klein Laura Melcion
Toni Cabré Estrips Spanish Desgarrones Toni Cabré
Toni Cabré Històries d'amor Spanish Historias de amor Toni Cabré
Toni Cabré Iglú Spanish Iglú Toni Cabré
Toni Cabré La peixera Spanish La pecera Toni Cabré
Toni Cabré Les verges virtuals Spanish Las vírgenes virtuales Toni Cabré
Toni Cabré Navegants Spanish Navegantes Toni Cabré
Toni Cabré Navegants English Navigators Molly Malcolm Hayner/Pep Planas
Toni Cabré Okupes particulars Spanish Okupas particulares Toni Cabré
Toni Cabré Silencis Spanish Silencios Toni Cabré
Toni Cabré Teoria de catàstrofes Spanish Teoría de catástrofes Toni Cabré
Toni Cabré Viatge a Califòrnia Spanish Viaje a California Toni Cabré
Toni Cabré Zweig, la fugida impossible Spanish Zweig, la huida imposible Toni Cabré

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