35.4 Estem quedant fatal

We are in the Spanish subsidiary of a German multinational in the personal and domestic hygiene sector: an important company in an insignificant world. These are times of crisis and the German parent company is preparing important changes that will alter the current power relations. It is the end of a regime.

In the offices, the managers of the Spanish subsidiary prepare for a new working day marked by uncertainty and the precariousness of their privileged positions. In a modern and globalised economy changes take place at great speed and leave behind many casualties. The company managers know this and wait anxiously for the results of the transformations. Added to the tense atmosphere this generates is the arrival of a new and enigmatic sales manager, the strange conspiratorial attitude of some secretaries and the violence and social unrest seen outside on the streets.


Russian ВСЁ ХУЖЕ И ХУЖЕ Анна Уржумцева
Portuguese 35,4 Mal Vistos Ana Vitorino/Carlos Costa/Catarina Martins
Spanish 35.4 Estamos quedando fatal Gemma Rodríguez
English 35.4 We are looking bad Martin Moore
Czech 35.4 Vypadáme jako blbci Vít Kloucek

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