El rey del Gurugú (2017)

El rey del Gurugú is a testimony to the drama of migration seen through the eyes of a dog called Marley. Adopted by Adbul, he sets off for Gurugu mountain, the crossing point, the waiting room for paradise, where Sub-Saharan migrants live rough as they wait for the time to come when they can scale the fence and enter Europe. When Marley reaches Abdul’s camp, he discovers that he has been adopted as a guard dog, to alert to the frequent assaults by Moroccan police. That is when he realises that he is useful for something, that he is essential, that he can have a home and can forge bonds with these Ulysses of the 21st century who will do anything to reach the Promised Land they have dreamed about for so long.


Italian Il re del Gurugú Antonella Caron
Spanish El rey del Gurugú Ferran Joanmiquel

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