El somriure del guanyador

El somriure del guanyador (2001)

The play tells three interlinked stories. In the first, a former SS officer, who now lives in a luxurious old people’s home, is visited by a woman who works for an organisation that helps former SS officers. The woman tells him that someone is looking for information about him. Despite his fear, he decides that he is tired of hiding.
In the second, in Auschwitz concentration camp, two old lovers meet again: an SS officer and a deported Jew who has just arrived.
In the third, a woman has spent twenty one years on death row, in a prison in the United States, condemned for having killed her father. She is now writing a book based on the fragments of a letter that someone sent to her father. So she has hired a detective to look for the sender.


Spanish La sonrisa del ganador Gerard Vázquez

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