Author: Sergi Belbel

Forasters tells the story of a family that, spanning forty years in age, experiences two traumatic events that break the painful silence of its members. The two situations coincide with the arrival of new neighbours, “strangers”, who contribute to the disturbance of the supposed family and social harmony. The new arrivals belong to another culture, with different customs, another language, another way of understanding human, social and emotional relations, and this undermines the sanctimonious mentality of the traditional family. Forasters is not a play about immigration. It is a play about the fragility of family relations, the passage of time, the meaning of existence, and, above all, the fear and mistrust of what we do not know.


Hungarian Idegenek Dora Bakucz
Romanian Straini Luminita Voina-Raut
Greek Ξένοι Μαρία Χατζηεμμανουήλ
Spanish Forasteros Sergi Belbel
English Strangers Sharon Feldman
German Wildfremde Klaus Laabs

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