La mirada de l’alquimista

La mirada de l’alquimista

Author: Rodolf Sirera

Set in the latter years of the 18th and early years of the 19th centuries, during the course of a long and uneasy journey of initiation, La mirada de l’alquimista reworks one of the oldest and most troublesome myths created by literature: that of the double. It is a journey that, although based on the security conferred by scientific scepticism, will drag the protagonist, slowly and inexorably, towards new and unknown territories. The fact that it is a work written for actors and puppets has allowed the author to work with a rare freedom with regard to characters (name, simultaneity) and scenography (numerous spaces, in continuity or complementary), which combine very well with a story that moves constantly around the limits between reality and fantasy, between wakefulness and dreams. 


Italian Lo sguardo dell'alchimista Barbara Foresti
Spanish La mirada del alquimista Rodolf Sirera

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