Rodolf Sirera

Rodolf Sirera

A History graduate, he has participated actively in the independent theatre movement. He was co-director of the Teatre Principal de València from 1979 to 1981; director of the Valencia Provincial Council’s Theatres from 1981 to 1984; Head of the Music, Theatre and Cinematography Service for the Valencian Government from 1984 to 1988; again director of the Teatre Principal from 1990 to January 1993; and Head of the Cultural Promotion and Audiovisual Media Service at the Regional Ministry for Culture between 1993 and 1995. He has received numerous prizes, among them the National Theatre Prize from the Catalan Government. Since 1995 he has worked in television as a scriptwriter. Among his works, some of which have been co-written with his brother Josep Lluís, highlights include Plany en la mort d’Enric Ribera (1972), El verí del teatre (1978), Indian Summer (1987), Maror (1994) and Raccord (2004).


Rodolf Sirera Benedicat French Benedicat Raül David Martínez
Rodolf Sirera Benedicat Spanish Benedicat Rodolf Sirera
Rodolf Sirera Dinamarca Spanish Dinamarca Rodolf Sirera
Rodolf Sirera El dia que Bertolt Brecht va morir a Finlandia Spanish El día que Bertolt Brecht murió en Finlandia Rodolf Sirera
Rodolf Sirera El verí del teatre Italian Il velano del teatro Daniela Aronica
Rodolf Sirera El verí del teatre French Le venin du théâtre Pep Planas i Cristian Camerlynck
Rodolf Sirera El verí del teatre English The audition John London
Rodolf Sirera Indian Summer Greek Indian summer María Jatziemanuíl
Rodolf Sirera Indian Summer French Indian summer Mila Casals
Rodolf Sirera Indian Summer Spanish Indian summer Rodolf Sirera
Rodolf Sirera La caverna Spanish La caverna Carles Sirera
Rodolf Sirera La mirada de l'alquimista Italian Lo sguardo dell'alchimista Barbara Foresti
Rodolf Sirera La mirada de l'alquimista Spanish La mirada del alquimista Rodolf Sirera
Rodolf Sirera La primera de la classe French La première de la classe André Delmas
Rodolf Sirera Maror Greek Φουσκοθαλασσιά (1995) Μαρία Χατζηεμμανουήλ
Rodolf Sirera Maror Spanish Las reglas del género Rodolf Sirera
Rodolf Sirera Plagi French Plagiat André Delmas
Rodolf Sirera Plagi Spanish Plagio Rodolf Sirera
Rodolf Sirera Punt de fuga Spanish Punto de fuga Rodolf Sirera
Rodolf Sirera Raccord French Puzzle André Delmas
Rodolf Sirera Raccord Spanish Raccord Rodolf Sirera
Rodolf Sirera Raccord English Raccord John London
Rodolf Sirera Silenci de negra French Noir silence Josep Maria Vidal
Rodolf Sirera Silenci de negra Spanish Silencio de negra Rodolf Sirera
Rodolf Sirera Trío Spanish Trío Rebeca Valls i Nacho Diago

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