L’habitació blanca

Carles, Laia and Manel meet up again with Miss Mercè, the teacher who taught them to read and write when they were young. That time of their childhood, perceived as a blank sheet where every dream or aspiration then seemed possible, is now far away. Over twenty-five years have passed and now they are adults who have passed thirty and are approaching forty. The life of each of them has taken them down very different paths. The reunion, apparently fortuitous, with Miss Mercè will turn out to be unsettling and upsetting. Looking at the rear-view mirror will throw up questions and also open up old wounds. Not a single one of them will escape, not even the woman who was their teacher. And neither will we.


Portuguese / Brazil A sala branca Daniel Dias da Silva
Spanish La habitación blanca Eva Vallines Menéndez

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