L’home estampa, un espectacle bodegó

Author: Raquel Tomàs

The love story between Ass and Woman, two noble savages trapped in a still-life painting. A contemporary fable about to what point we change in order to fit in, on both a public and a private level. Ass, a bus driver, and Woman, who works in a green grocery shop, begin a relationship that starts with physical attraction and sex, continues with a series of concessions that they make for each other in exchange for stability and security, and finally, leads to the animal metamorphosis of one of them. Or how relationships with others have the power to make us change radically.


Spanish Asno y Mujer, espectáculo bodegón Raquel Tomàs
English Beasts of Burden. A Modern Day Fable of an Ass and Woman Marina Albadalejo i John Ingle

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