Mar de fons

Mar de fons takes us back to the summer of 1936, when Republican troops disembarked on Mallorca’s Eastern Coast with the idea of recovering the island, positioned on the side of the uprising. It was a disastrous failure. As they fled, many Republicans were left on the ground and were tortured and shot. Like an undercurrent, the remains of 1936 still have consequences in Mallorcan society. The play tells what we are like and gives a glimpse of what we could have been like… The production was created based on real testimonies from people who lived through those events, both the war of 1936 and the long hangover left in its wake.

Produced by Teatre Principal de Palma and Teatre Lliure with Iguana Teatre. Best Online Show Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2021.


Spanish Mar de fondo Carme Planells

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