M’hauríeu de pagar (2020)

You’ve Got to Pay is the story of three revelations.

SHE is an art guide. She will start talking in front of a group visiting a museum. And she will have a revelation: to avoid becoming the person that she has always hated: her mother.

HE is a young man who offers himself to satisfy fantasies. Completely naked, he will talk to us about his life and will become aware of the importance of being loved.

THE SON is a pianist who has brought us together because, despite his medical conditions, he wants to play us a piece. And the truth is that he has had a revelation: living is worth the effort.


French Il faudrait me payer Clarice Plasteig
Spanish Deberíais pagar Albert Tola
Italian Mi dovreste pagare Lucia del Greco
English You’ve Got to Pay Steven Capsuto

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