Molta aigua

Author: Carles Mallol

Nobody really knows very well what Òscar does, every night, in the Raval district of Barcelona. Laura, his wife, has dreams where she follows him; Pol, his son, is pleased that his father is at last taking revenge for what Laura did to him. Ramon, his translator friend, puts up with his nocturnal visits as best he can. In reality, Òscar helps Ramon get through the nights, the long nights waiting for his wife, Mercè, to return from her supposed work trips to Llançà, a hundred miles away. Nobody really knows what goes on during the nights when Òscar goes out and walks the streets of the Raval. Nobody knows who the mysterious woman in the Raval
is. Everybody has their own theory and they act accordingly. They follow their impulses. And sooner or later, they will reach bursting point, just as the pipe that bursts in Òscar’s home brings the building down. And the water will sweep everything away.


German Wasser Charlotte Frei

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