Author: Carles Batlle

A man returns home after ten years in exile: the old family manor is about to disappear under the waters of a dam. Before this happens, however, he must resolve some pending issues: the conflictive relationship which unites him to his brother, the memory of an old love, the hope of recovering the feelings of the past… But things do not happen as expected: the house is secretly inhabited by a girl and her grandfather, two illegal immigrants hiding from the police… With Oasi, Batlle offers an honest reflection on certain aspects of our society: property speculation, the destruction of the landscape, the political repression of the nineties… The playwright, however, is interested above all in the drama of the “displaced”, and reaches the conclusion that, although return is impossible, seeing yourself in the eyes of the “other” offers the chance of survival.


Galician Oasis Afonso Becerra de Becerreá
French Oasi Isabelle Bres
Spanish Oasis Ignasi García Barba
German Oase Thomas Sauerteig

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