Carles Batlle

Carles Batlle

Among his plays, highlights include Temptation, premiered in 2004 at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya and at Vienna’s Burgtheater (since then it has been translated and performed in more than ten different languages), Combat (1995-1998), Suite (SGAE Prize 1999), Oasi (Josep Ametller Prize 2002), Trànsits (2006-07), Oblidar Barcelona (Born Prize 2008), Zoom (14 d’abril Prize 2010), ), Nòmades (Octubre Prize 2019) o Still Life (Roda Prize 2018), which have premiered in such countries as Austria, Chile, France, Germany, Greece, Iran, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Quebec, Switzerland and Turkey. He has translated playwrights such as Picq, Danan, Lescot, Sonntag, Dilasser o Amann, and has done adaptations of authors such as Guimerà, Iglésias, Ruyra, Beckett, Y. Özsoy, Almodóvar o H. Virtanen.

He was director of the Obrador de la Sala Beckett between 2003 and 2009 and director of the magazine Pausa until 2017. From 1998 to 2005 he was a member of the TNC’s Advisory Council. In 2004 his play Versuchung was selected for the Berlin Stückenmarkt. Between 2016 and 2021 he was Director of Cultural Services and Publications of the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. He is a teacher of playwriting at this institution and at the UAB. He is the author of the essay El drama intempestiu (Per una escriptura dramàtica contemporània) (2020), which has already been translated and published in French and Spanish.


Carles Batlle Combat French Combat Isabelle Bres
Carles Batlle Combat Spanish Combate Alejandro Montiel
Carles Batlle Combat English Combat Sharon Feldman/Neil Anthony Charlton i Pere Bramon
Carles Batlle Combat German Kampf Maurici Farré/Lea Niklas
Carles Batlle Les veus de Iambu Spanish La voces de Yambu Ignasi García Barba
Carles Batlle Les veus de Iambu German Yambu Hans Richter/Thomas Sauerteig
Carles Batlle Oasi Galician Oasis Afonso Becerra de Becerreá
Carles Batlle Oasi French Oasi Isabelle Bres
Carles Batlle Oasi Spanish Oasis Ignasi García Barba
Carles Batlle Oasi German Oase Thomas Sauerteig
Carles Batlle Oblidar Barcelona Greek BAΡΚΕΛΩΝΗ, ΟΠΩΣ ΝΟΣΤΑΛΓΙΑ Els de Paros
Carles Batlle Oblidar Barcelona Galician Esquecer Barcelona Afonso Becerra de Becerreá
Carles Batlle Oblidar Barcelona French Oublier Barcelone Ian Ericksen
Carles Batlle Oblidar Barcelona Spanish Olvidar Barcelona Juan Carlos Martel
Carles Batlle Sara i Eleonora Spanish Sara y Eleonora María Zaragoza
Carles Batlle Still Life (Monroe-Lamarr) Spanish Still Life (Monroe-Lamarr) Carles Batlle
Carles Batlle Still Life (Monroe-Lamarr) French Still Life (Monroe-Lamarr) Laurent Gallardo
Carles Batlle Still Life (Monroe-Lamarr) Italian Still Life (Monroe-Lamarr) Pino Tierno
Carles Batlle Still Life (Monroe-Lamarr) English Still Life (Monroe-Lamarr) Sharon Feldman
Carles Batlle Suite Italian Suite M.Carmen Llerena
Carles Batlle Suite French Suite Isabelle Bres
Carles Batlle Suite Spanish Suite Alejandro Montiel
Carles Batlle Suite English Suite Sharon Feldman
Carles Batlle Temptació Persian وسوسه Moein Mohebalin
Carles Batlle Temptació Turkish Baştan Çıkarma Zerrin Yanıkkaya
Carles Batlle Temptació Portuguese Tentaçao José Rubens Siquiera
Carles Batlle Temptació Italian Tentazione Laura Bernardini
Carles Batlle Temptació Greek ΠΕΙΡΑΣΜΟΣ Els de Paros
Carles Batlle Temptació French Tentation Isabelle Bres
Carles Batlle Temptació Spanish Tentación Antonio Morcillo
Carles Batlle Temptació English Temptation Elisabet Ràfols
Carles Batlle Temptació German Versuchung Hans Richter/Thomas Sauerteig
Carles Batlle Temptació Czech Pokušení Eva Kadleckova
Carles Batlle Temptació Polish Pokusa Anna Sawicka
Carles Batlle Trànsits Italian Transiti Laura Bernardini
Carles Batlle Trànsits French Transit Isabelle Bres
Carles Batlle Trànsits Spanish Trànsitos Lucía de la Maza
Carles Batlle Trànsits German Transit Hans Richter/Thomas Sauerteig
Carles Batlle Zoom French Zoom Fabrice Corrons

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