Still Life (Monroe-Lamarr)

Author: Carles Batlle

Still Life (Monroe-Lamarr) tells of a meeting between actress Hedy Lamarr (also co-inventor of frequency-hopping technology, i.e. the foundation of what today are WiFi and Bluetooth) and Marilyn Monroe, the day before the latter’s death. The play, which moves around between two time points (1962 and 1966), is based on historical events and relates a tense and emotive confrontation between two women who are – or were – famous. In the conversation they dissect universal themes such as the fragile nature of fame, the irreversible passing of time, power interests and its manipulation, war, and the condition of women in the 1960s (especially in the world of the actresses).


Spanish Still Life (Monroe-Lamarr) Carles Batlle
French Still Life (Monroe-Lamarr) Laurent Gallardo
Italian Still Life (Monroe-Lamarr) Pino Tierno
English Still Life (Monroe-Lamarr) Sharon Feldman

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