Temptació (2004)

Author: Carles Batlle

Temptació tells the crossed stories of three characters: Aixa, a young Moroccan immigrant without papers; Guillem, an antiquarian involved in the secret trafficking of people, and Hassan, an old man who arrives at Guillem’s house to rediscover an old friend from his youth. Destiny maliciously interlinks the paths of these characters: because of a series of misunderstandings and a truly strange coincidence, all three will make serious mistakes and find themselves heading for tragedy. Temptació explores the clash of cultures, lack of communication, memory and identity, but also the Catalonia of today, in a moment of change and radical transformation.


Persian وسوسه Moein Mohebalin
Turkish Baştan Çıkarma Zerrin Yanıkkaya
Portuguese Tentaçao José Rubens Siquiera
Italian Tentazione Laura Bernardini
Greek ΠΕΙΡΑΣΜΟΣ Els de Paros
French Tentation Isabelle Bres
Spanish Tentación Antonio Morcillo
English Temptation Elisabet Ràfols
German Versuchung Hans Richter/Thomas Sauerteig
Czech Pokušení Eva Kadleckova
Polish Pokusa Anna Sawicka

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