The California desert. A middle-aged woman welcomes her adopted son and the person who had been his best friend. The adopted son’s biological father has died far away and has left a letter. An initially uninteresting past is gradually brought to life. The son and his old friend quarrel over a woman while the mother tries to keep an injured salamander alive. The salamander, the son, his old friend and the woman they have quarrelled over vanish from the house, one after the other. And in a sudden turn of events, at a particular moment, we start to follow the journey of the adopted son, an almost compulsory journey which will lead him to gradually discover old stories that he does not care about at all but are very important to the woman he loves. Extinction, in all its degrees, in all its forms, is present at all the stages of this long journey. And the protagonist of the story will finally discover that within himself he also carries his own extinction, an extinction that, actually, started seventy years before. Long before he was born.


Italian Salamandre Davide Carnevali
Greek ΣΑΛΑΜΑΝΔΡΑ Μαρία Χατζηεμμανουήλ
French Salamandre Hervé Petit/Neus Vila
English Salamader Marion Peter Holt

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