Submergir-se en l’aigua

Submergir-se en l’aigua (2007)

Author: Helena Tornero

Inspired by true events that took place some years ago in Germany and based on a news item in the press, the author creates a fictional tale where Thomas, a young manipulator, and Stefan, a vulnerable and highly self-conscious young man, decide to find a victim in order to take out all their frustrations. The work puts some of the most common problems that young people and, by extension, society have today on the table. Immigration, collective intolerance, social exclusion, parent-child relationships in our consumer society with its violence hidden behind not-so-poorly viewed behaviours and customs are some of the themes of this story which talks about parallel worlds that are apparently destined not to understand each other.


Language Title Translator
Italian La testa sott'acqua Alessio Arena
French La tête sous l'eau Martine Lucas
Spanish Sumergirse en el agua Helena Tornero
German Eintauchen Susanne Pospiech

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