Surabaya (2004)

Author: Marc Rosich

A mature woman lives between her furniture factories in the Indonesian city of Surabaya and her terrace full of exuberant plants on the Mediterranean coast. This voracious female collects young lovers in the same way that, as a rule, she only reads easily digested romantic literature of dubious quality. She and her brother, a mature man, peculiar aesthete and erudite in crisis, remain unmoved as the world that sustains their leisurely and relaxed finances collapses. While water levels around the world rise threateningly, these two, sitting in their rattan chairs, try unconvincingly to console themselves devouring those closest to hand: the attractive young man, the tenacious adolescent and the unmovable and silent yellow servant.


Spanish Surabaya Marc Rosich
English Surabaya Christopher Gladwyn

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