Swimming pool (2000)

Author: Juli Disla

B and C are brothers/sisters who have problems with their respective partners, One autumn day, as they clean the leaves out of the swimming pool, A tells B it would be best to drop their relationship, because A is not in love. B asks A for a second chance but A does not accept. Meanwhile, D warns C that s/he is in love with him/her but s/he feels that C is making no effort to keep the flame alive: no hugs, no invitations to family events, etc. Months later, when about to fill the swimming pool for the summer once more, A agrees to give B a second chance, although weeks later A acknowledges that, while wanting to remain friends, s/he has no desire to be partners. Meanwhile, C has made an effort to show how much s/he is in love, to the point of inviting D to a family dinner in which C’s parents, contrary to expectations, quickly accept D.


Spanish Swimming pool Juli Disla
English Swimming pool John London

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