Temps salvatge (2017)

A quiet residential estate near the border is getting ready to organise a celebration for young people at the municipal sports pavilion, located on the road leading out of town and close to a forested area regularly crossed by illegal foreign migrants. The preparation of the party coincides with an unprecedented heatwave and drought, the arrival of a worrying teenage girl and the appearance of graffiti in different places saying: “we’ll be back to rape your women”. This phrase will trigger a spiral of fear, suppositions and violence that will disrupt the routine life of the town’s inhabitants and end up severely disturbing their normally peaceful coexistence.


Romanian Timp salbatic Luminița Voina-Răuț
French Temps sauvage Laurent Gallardo
Portuguese / Brazil Tempo selvagem Daniel Dias da Silva
Greek ΑΓΡΙΟΣ ΚΑΙΡΟΣ Μαρία Χατζηεμμανουήλ
English A nice place Sharon G. Feldman
Spanish Tiempo salvaje Eva Vallines Menéndez
Italian Tempi selvaggi Angelo Savelli

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