Tornem després de la publicitat

Author: Carles Mallol

Àlex doesn’t know that anything you do in life has consequences. And that they are always unexpected. He likes complaining. He writes a letter to the newspapers and the world changes. But he doesn’t know that. He doesn’t know that he’ll be on the television and that Carol will be his make-up artist and that when she touches him she’ll fall in love with him. Nor that Carol will get home and Toni, her husband, will notice it. He, who had never imagined that, because of a guy who was on television, he would want to hurt somebody. But the fact is that, deep down, we all want to clench our fist, see the blood pulsate in our fingertips and throw a punch that smashes someone’s face in.


English We'll be Back After the Break Steven Capsuto

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