Daniel J. Meyer

Daniel J. Meyer

He studied theatre (specialising in directing) at ANDAMIO 90 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and took courses at the Obrador de la Sala Beckett and at Eòlia. He has also taken a Postgraduate course in performing arts production and management (UB-Institut del teatre).

In terms of his professional experience, he directed and wrote all the plays by the company Descartable Teatre, prominently including Fusells (a free version of Señora Carrar’s Rifles B. Brecht) and Abans.

He is the author of A.K.A. (Also Known As), directed by Montse Rodriguez, which earned the following awards: Teatre Barcelona 2018 (for theatre text, small-format show; and directing), Butaca 2018 (for the best text, lead actor, directing and small-format show), Crítica 2018 (for best new actor) and MAX 2018 (for best new author and best lead actor).

He is the regular director’s assistant for Àngel Llàcer. He has also worked with Rosa Novell, Josep Galindo, Pablo Ley and others, on different shows.


Daniel J. Meyer A.K.A. (Also known as) Polish A.K.A. (Also known as) Rubi Birden
Daniel J. Meyer A.K.A. (Also known as) Hindi A.K.A. (Also known as) Alka Jaspal
Daniel J. Meyer A.K.A. (Also known as) Italian A.K.A. (Also known as) Manuela Cherubini
Daniel J. Meyer A.K.A. (Also known as) Romanian A.K.A (Also Known As) Luminiţa Voina-Răuţ
Daniel J. Meyer A.K.A. (Also known as) French A.K.A (Also Known As) Fabrice Corrons
Daniel J. Meyer A.K.A. (Also known as) Greek Γνωστός και ως Μαρία Χατζηεμμανουήλ
Daniel J. Meyer A.K.A. (Also known as) English A.K.A. (Also known as) Jane Lawler
Daniel J. Meyer A.K.A. (Also known as) Spanish A.K.A. (Also known as) Daniel J Meyer

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