A.K.A. (Also known as) (2018)

“Carlos, my name is Carlos. I’m 15 years old, or 16… I go to school, I get bored; I meet up with my mates in the park; I dance hip-hop… One day I meet Claudia and… magic.”

A.K.A. (Also Known As) tells us about a period of the adolescence of Carlos. A time in which, for circumstances beyond his control, his foundations/roots and his identity all start to tremble. And the fact is that Carlos is adopted, and the eyes of others lead him to consider what his “true” identity is: perhaps he is not entirely what he has decided to be.


Romanian A.K.A (Also Known As) Luminiţa Voina-Răuţ
French A.K.A (Also Known As) Fabrice Corrons
Greek Γνωστός και ως Μαρία Χατζηεμμανουήλ
English A.K.A. (Also known as) Jane Lawler
Spanish A.K.A. (Also known as) Daniel J Meyer

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