Author: Pau Miró

A tale of five siblings who live and work in a launderette in a tough neighbourhood. When they were young children, a brother of theirs disappeared. Their father told them that a lion had taken him and he would never return… The father, the mother, the siblings, they have all been trying to cope with this for a long time, but it’s never easy… Finally, the mother cannot cope anymore and disappears, is eaten by a lion, or whatever. The father, who had coped with everything up to this point, one day cannot take any more and also disappears. It’s all the lions’ fault, the siblings say. Together they will try to keep going.


French Buffles (une fable urbaine) Clarice Plasteig
English Buffalos (an urban fable) Elisabet Ràfols and Tom Bentley-Fisher
Swedish Bufflar (en urban fabel) Ellinor Broman
Finnish Puhvelit (urbaani tarina) Riikka Laakso

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