Pau Miró

Pau Miró

Actor, playwright and director. A graduate in Acting from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona (1998). He has trained as a playwright at different seminars at the Sala Beckett taught by Carles Batlle, Sergi Belbel, Xavier Albertí, José Sanchis Sinisterra and Javier Daulte, among others.
In the field of dramaturgy and directing, his latest works are Cyrano, una adaptació del Cyrano de Bergerac d’Edmond Rostand (Festival Temporada Alta, 2017), Un tret al cap (Sala Beckett, 2017), Filla del seu pare (Teatre Lliure, 2017), Victòria (TNC, 2016), Terra Baixa, performed by Lluís Homar (premier in November 2014 at the Festival Temporada Alta) and Dones com jo (premiered in January 2014 at the Teatre Romea). He is also the author of Adiós a la infancia (an adaptation based on the main novels of Juan Marsé under the direction of Oriol Broggi. Teatre Lliure, 2013) and Els Jugadors, which he also directed (Festival Temporada Alta, 2011, and Teatre Lliure, 2012). This text won the Butaca Prize for the Best Text in 2012 and has been translated into Italian, Engilsh, Greek and Spanish. Furthermore, in Italy it premiered with great success among the critics and the public at the Teatro Piccolo de Milà in 2013 and won the prestigious Ubú Prize as the best foreign text. During the 2008-2009 season he premiered La trilogia animal, of which he is author and director and for which he received the Theatre Critics Prize of barcelona for best text. In 2004, he premiered Plou a Barcelona at the Sala Beckett, under the direction of Toni Casares, a play that has been premiered with diverse productions around the world (Italy, Portugal, England, Canada, etc.).


Pau Miró Bales i ombres French Des balles et de ombres Clarice Plasteig
Pau Miró Búfals French Buffles (une fable urbaine) Clarice Plasteig
Pau Miró Búfals English Buffalos (an urban fable) Elisabet Ràfols and Tom Bentley-Fisher
Pau Miró Búfals Swedish Bufflar (en urban fabel) Ellinor Broman
Pau Miró Búfals Finnish Puhvelit (urbaani tarina) Riikka Laakso
Pau Miró Elèctrics German Unter Strom Ursula Bachhausen
Pau Miró Els jugadors French Les joueurs Clarice Plasteig
Pau Miró Els jugadors Bulgarian Играчите / Каре Neva Mícheva/Нева Мичева
Pau Miró Els jugadors English The gamblers Sharon Feldman
Pau Miró Els jugadors Portuguese Jogadores Joana Frazão
Pau Miró Els jugadors Italian Jucatúre Enrico Ianniello
Pau Miró Els jugadors Greek Οι τζογαδόροι Μαρία Χατζηεμμανουήλ
Pau Miró Girafes English Giraffes Elisabet Ràfols
Pau Miró Lleons French Lions Clarice Plasteig
Pau Miró Lleons English Lions Elisabet Ràfols
Pau Miró Plou a Barcelona Polish Pada w Barcelonie Agnieszka Stachurska
Pau Miró Plou a Barcelona Russian В Барселоне дождь Olga Nikolaeva
Pau Miró Plou a Barcelona Portuguese Chove em Barcelona Joana Frazão
Pau Miró Plou a Barcelona Italian Chiòve Enrico Ianniello
Pau Miró Plou a Barcelona Greek Βρέχει στη Βαρκελώνη Els de Paros
Pau Miró Plou a Barcelona French Barcelona sous le pluie Clarice Plasteig
Pau Miró Plou a Barcelona Spanish Llueve en Barcelona Pau Miró
Pau Miró Plou a Barcelona English It's raining in Barcelona Sharon Feldman
Pau Miró Plou a Barcelona German Regen in Barcelona Ulrich Kunzmann und Klaus Laabs
Pau Miró Singapur Portuguese Singapura Joana Frazão com a colaboração de Raquel Marques
Pau Miró Singapur Italian Singapur Enrico Ianniello
Pau Miró Singapur French Singapour Denise Laroutis
Pau Miró Somriure d'elefant Portuguese Sorriso de Elefante Joana Frazão
Pau Miró Somriure d'elefant Italian Sorriso d'elefante Enrico Ianniello
Pau Miró Somriure d'elefant Spanish Sonrisa de elefante Lucía de la Maza
Pau Miró Somriure d'elefant Slovak Úsmev slona Silvia Vertanová
Pau Miró Un tret al cap English A Bullet to the Head Sharon G. Feldman
Pau Miró Uns història real English A True Story Sharon G. Feldman

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