Plou a Barcelona (2004)

Author: Pau Miró

A prostitute who reads Dante and looks for customers in museums. A pimp who eats hamburgers and chocolates all day long. A client who wishes for the death of his wife every night.

In port cities, impoverished communities often live alongside the city’s places for official culture. Plou a Barcelona, a story of a dark and fragile triangle formed by three characters (a prostitute, her pimp and one of her regulars), has as a backdrop this peculiar proximity between the hidden city, globalising consumerism and the world of high culture, so typical of Barcelona’s Raval area.


Polish Pada w Barcelonie Agnieszka Stachurska
Russian В Барселоне дождь Olga Nikolaeva
Portuguese Chove em Barcelona Joana Frazão
Italian Chiòve Enrico Ianniello
Greek Βρέχει στη Βαρκελώνη Els de Paros
French Barcelona sous le pluie Clarice Plasteig
Spanish Llueve en Barcelona Pau Miró
English It's raining in Barcelona Sharon Feldman
German Regen in Barcelona Ulrich Kunzmann und Klaus Laabs

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