Després de la pluja (1999)

Author: Sergi Belbel

On the roof of a forty-one floor skyscraper in a big city where it has not rained for over a year, office workers have furtively ventured out into the open air for a smoke, a pleasure prohibited by the strict company rules. All of them, secretaries and managers, look for an anonymous corner where they can extinguish something more than the anguish of addiction. Out of the grey and impersonal depths of the great financial corporations, characters emerge who confess fears, spit hatred or liberate their worries with the same ease they exhale smoke. Many truths can be told while waiting for the rain.


German Nach dem Regen Klaus Laabs
English After the rain John London, Xavier Rodríguez Rosell i David George
Bulgarian След дъжда Neva Mícheva/Нева Мичева
Danish Skybrud Simon K. Boberg
Spanish Después de la lluvia Sergi Belbel
Spanish Después de la lluvia Sergi Belbel
French Après la pluie Jean-Jacques Préau
Hungarian ESŐ UTÁN Dora Bakucz
Italian Dopo la pioggia Antonella Caron
Polish Po Deszczu Marzenna Gottesman

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