La pell en flames (2004)

Author: Guillem Clua

The American photographer Frederick Salomon returns for the first time after twenty years to a country destroyed by war. This is where he captured the most famous photograph in history: a little girl in flames thrown through the air by the explosion of a bomb. In the hotel room where the action takes place he meets with a young female journalist from the official newspaper of the regime who will interview him. Her questions, first focused on the tribute he will receive from the new administration and the ambassadors of the fifteen most powerful countries in the world, will enter more personal and more disturbing territory, and will finally uncover a secret which will shake both their lives. Meanwhile, in what could be another room of the same hotel, a delegate of the United Nations meets in secret with a local girl for a sexual encounter. The two plots will cross paths, creating surprising links. La pell en flames is not a play about war, but about the stories, big and small, which pierce the skin of those who experience it.


Greek Δερμα στισ φλογεσ Μαρία Χατζηεμμανουήλ, Δημήτρης Ψαρράς
Spanish La piel en llamas Guillem Clua
English Skin in flames DJ Sanders
Polish Skóra w płomieniach Anna Sawicka

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