Guillem Clua

Guillem Clua

He holds a degree in Journalism from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and commenced his theatre training at the London Guildhall University (London) in 1994 and at the Sala Beckett in Barcelona. His first text, Invisibles, was awarded the prestigious Ciutat d’Alcoi Prize for Theatre in 2002, the year in which he produced the stage adaptation of Mort a Venècia by Thomas Mann. His play Skin in Flames won him the Ciutat d’Alcoi Prize for the second time as well as the Critics Prize of Barcelona for the best text in 2005. Since then this play has been performed in over 15 countries, including at the Centro Dramático Nacional de Madrid (2012). Clua has written, among others, Taste of Ashes (2006), Marburg (2010), Promised Land (2011), Invasió (2012), Smiley (2012), La revolució no serà tuitejada (2013), adaptations of classics such as the Ilíada (2016) and La Revoltosa (2017), and the musicals Killer (2011), Ha pasado un ángel (2013) and 73 raons per deixar-te (2015). He has also contributed texts or collaborated on the dramaturgy for theatre-dance shows such as Cenizas (2014) and En el desierto (2015). Some of these works featured him as stage director. Clua also has extensive experience as a screenwriter for television series, such as La Riera and El cor de la ciutat (TV3), among others.


Guillem Clua Gust de cendra Spanish El sabor de las cenizas Guillem Clua
Guillem Clua Invasió Spanish Invasión Guillem Clua
Guillem Clua Invisibles Spanish Invisibles Guillem Clua
Guillem Clua Killer Greek Killer Μαξία Υαηδεεκκαλνπήι, Γεκήηξεο Φαξξάο
Guillem Clua Killer Spanish Killer Guillem Clua
Guillem Clua La pell en flames Greek Δερμα στισ φλογεσ Μαρία Χατζηεμμανουήλ, Δημήτρης Ψαρράς
Guillem Clua La pell en flames Spanish La piel en llamas Guillem Clua
Guillem Clua La pell en flames English Skin in flames DJ Sanders
Guillem Clua La pell en flames Polish Skóra w płomieniach Anna Sawicka
Guillem Clua La Terra Promesa Greek Η γη της επαγγελίας Δημήτρης Ψαρράς
Guillem Clua La Terra Promesa Spanish La Tierra Prometida Guillem Clua
Guillem Clua La Terra Promesa English Promised Land Marion Peter Holt
Guillem Clua Marburg Greek Marburg Els de Paros
Guillem Clua Marburg French Marbourg Aymeric Rollet
Guillem Clua Marburg Spanish Marburg Guillem Clua
Guillem Clua Marburg English Marburg Marion Peter Holt
Guillem Clua Marburg German Marburg Stefanie Gerhold
Guillem Clua Smiley Greek Smiley Μαρία Χατζηεμμανουήλ
Guillem Clua Smiley Spanish Smiley Guillem Clua
Guillem Clua Smiley English Smiley. A Barcelona Love Story Marion Peter Holt
Guillem Clua Smiley. Després de l’amor Greek Smiley. Μετά τον έρωτα María Jatziemanuíl
Guillem Clua Smiley. Després de l’amor Spanish Smiley. Después del amor Guillem Clua

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