Marburg (2008)

Author: Guillem Clua

In August 1967 an outbreak of a virus unkown to man shattered the quaint village of Marburg killing 23 people in a matter of hours. Since then, the name of that German town has been linked to the horrible symptoms of that new illness. This historic event is present in the four stories that, over a period of 40 years, take place in four different places in the world named Marburg (Germany 1967, Pennsylvania 1981, South-Africa 1999 and Australia 2007).

The concept of illness, present in the four locations, imbues the issues that collide. The weight of history, the value of faith, the power of politics, the aim to survive, and the definition of our own identity shape the lives of nine characters, linked through space and time, who believe that the world they know – their life, their beliefs, their country – may end at any time.

Four cities, four moments of recent history, and one single voice that wonders who we are when we’re on the verge of vanishing from the planet.


Greek Marburg Els de Paros
French Marbourg Aymeric Rollet
Spanish Marburg Guillem Clua
English Marburg Marion Peter Holt
German Marburg Stefanie Gerhold

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