Jaume Miró Adrover

Jaume Miró Adrover

A graduate of Philosophy, with a post-graduate qualification in Contemporary Philosophy and a University Specialist in Script and Television Contents Production. As a scriptwriter and playwright he has trained on different courses given by José Sanchis Sinisterra, Syd Field, the comedy factory The Second City, Albert Boadella and David Harrower, among others. He has written the following plays: Noctàmbuls (1997), El funeral d’en Singelpeu (2000), Fuga (2003), Atlantis (2005), Llata, història d’un retorn (2005), Normal Adults (Pare Colom Prize for Theatrical Texts 2010), Diari d’una miliciana (2009. Teatre Principal de Palma Prize 2012), In the backyard (2011. 2nd Young Art Prize for Productions of Small-Format Shows), Panfonteta (2013), Dels llargs camins (2014. Prize for Best Show and Prize for Best Text 2014 at the Balearic Islands Public Theatre Prizes), La revolució de les coses petites (2015. Runner-up of the Balearic Islands “Torneig de dramatúrgica”) and Les cançons perdudes (2018). He has also created and codirected the documentary Milicianes (2018). He is also the author of different plays for children and the director of plays for different editions of Microteatre and Teatre Breu in the Balearic Islands. In 1999 he founded the company Noctàmbuls.


Jaume Miró Adrover Adults normals English Normal Adults Erika Ceballos Vicario
Jaume Miró Adrover Dels llargs camins French Si Longs Son Les Chemins Aymeric Rollet
Jaume Miró Adrover El producte English The Product Carme Camacho Pérez
Jaume Miró Adrover In the backyard Spanish In the backyard Jaume Miró
Jaume Miró Adrover In the backyard English In the backyard Erika Ceballos Vicario
Jaume Miró Adrover L'Atlàntida English Atlantis Erika Ceballos Vicario
Jaume Miró Adrover Les cançons perdudes German Die verlorenen Lieder Ole Xylander
Jaume Miró Adrover No hi haurà més festes per Sant Valentí English There’ll Be No More Valentine's Parties Carme Camacho Pérez
Jaume Miró Adrover Set pors English Seven Fears Carme Camacho Pérez
Jaume Miró Adrover Tot el que sempre has volgut saber sobre l’amor (però mai t’has atrevit a preguntar) English Everything You've Always Wanted To Know About Love (But Never Dared To Ask) Carme Camacho Pérez
Jaume Miró Adrover Un conte de Nadal English A Christmas Tale Carme Camacho Pérez

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