Adults normals (2010)

(Winner of the Mediterrani Pare Colom Prize for Theatrical Texts 2010)

This is the story of four young people who have been living in a windowless flat for some time. They never go out. Outside is hostile territory. For some reason – perhaps to protect themselves? Perhaps to flee from the fear? – they decided tolive together. And they live constantly following a weekly routine and also at the mercy of the group leader, The Mother. And nothing is questioned. And if anything is questioned, then one of them violently executes The Mother’s orders so that nothing is questioned. Routines become customs, untouchable traditions. Until one day, the youngest of the four, makes it known to the others that he wants to leave home. He doesn’t want to remain locked in any longer. He is not a child any more. He has become an adult, a normal adult…


English Normal Adults Erika Ceballos Vicario

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