Summer. A dinner among friends. Some guests have problems. A middle-aged couple – the man being a doctor – observes the situation. There is a board that, it seems, will move and answer questions. The session begins and the board moves. Who of those present is suffering most? The board answers: the doctor. 
The doctor leaves the meeting and arrives home, where his daughter waits watching a starry sky. The father-daughter relationship becomes heated as the doctor explains that life is, basically, pain and that only an extreme decision can avoid this pain for those we love. The situation becomes a tragedy. A shooting star crosses the sky. In the house with the dinner, problems resolved, the atmosphere has become sweeter. Each person explains how they understand the meaning of life. The shooting star crosses the sky.


French Fugaces Michel Azama
Spanish Fugaz Pilar Alba-Roser Berdagué
English Fleeting Marion Peter Holt
German Fliehender Stern Klaus Laabs

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